Hannah Holmes

Hannah Holmes

Keller Williams Realty
50 Sewall St., # 2
Portland, ME 04102-2645

Hannah Holmes is a real estate agent and an author. Her extraordinary career has carried her around the globe, writing for such clients as The Discovery Channel and National Geographic, and has produced four acclaimed books (www.hannah-holmes.com).

Hannah's real estate practice benefits tremendously from a journalistic approach. Her painstaking research and analysis, critical thinking, and precise communication all contribute to sound decisions and smooth transactions. 

Raised in rural Maine, in a series of strange, old houses, Hannah has intimate knowledge of horse-hair plaster, knob-and-tube wiring, and even outhouses. She has also renovated a couple of charming old things, aiming to maximize energy efficiency without sacrificing the softer edges and finer details of century-old handiwork. She has an interest in green construction, green renovation, and other means of reducing the carbon footprint. 

Hannah lives in South Portland, Maine, with her family. 


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